CPR Central has been providing quality CPR and Basic First Aid training classes in the San Antonio area for 20 years.   All classes are taught by healthcare professionals.

Our Philosophy is that we should teach with the understanding that any one of our students may happen to be the person closest at hand when one of our own family members is in need of CPR or First Aid.

Our Goal is to provide each student the training that allows them to demonstrate  to themselves by American Heart Association standards that they understand and can demonstrate proficiency in the delivery of CPR.   We do whatever it takes to ensure that each and every student receives a complete, thorough training class.

And we do this in a fun-to-learn, low-stress, interactive approach.

Our Classes

All of our students receive public information on Heart Disease, Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrest, Respiratory Arrest, and Stroke, relative to the course’s age-content.

We offer separate classes for Spanish-only speakers.   We also encourage limited–English speaking students of other countries and cultures to join us.

In addition, we offer the AHA Bloodborne Pathogens/ Infection Safety class.

All 3 of these certification courses are part of our Babysitter and Adult Sitter classes, which include Poison Prevention Awareness and Home, Electrical, and Fire Safety Information.

We Offer Discounts for Groups, Veterans, Family groups, and Healthcare students.

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